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What should I wear to class?

1. Please wear hair securely back, out of the face.
2. Please wear a leotard and tights. Dance pants or shorts are also acceptable.
3. For the safety of our dancers, the top layer of clothing should be fairly fitted.
4. Please do not wear jeans.
5. Please do not wear baggy pants, baggy t-shirts, baggy sweat shirts, or long baggy pants.
6. We should always be able to see your ankles and feet.
7. Please have proper dance shoes for each class.

How much are classes and when do I pay?

For class prices please contact the studio at 603-528-7651.
Payments can be made monthly, by the ½ season or 1 payment for the whole year. Missed classes (excepts holidays & snow days we cancel)
must be paid for.
If a student misses a class, they can come to another additional class as a make-up if they choose!

For the price of additional classes or additional family members, please contact the studio at 603-528-7651.
All accounts for dance classes should be up to date by the end of December, so we can count on your dancer for the recital!

How do we know if there is a snow day for the studio?

Cancellation of classes due to snow can be confirmed by CHECKING this WEBSITE or calling the studio where an up-to-date message will be
We don’t automatically close the studio if school is cancelled- icy conditions or a storm at 6 am may be long gone by afternoon!

Do all students participate in the Recital?

Yes. All students perform in our annual recital, sharing with family and friends all they have learned over the year!
This year’s show is once again at GILFORD HIGH SCHOOL auditorium on
The afternoon show starts promptly at 2:00 and evening shows at 7:00.

When are Recital Costume deposits due?

A costume deposit will be due in December and the balance will be paid when the costumes are distributed in March.
That means only 1 deposit for the younger classes (through grade 3) and 2 deposits for all the others! Jazz classes require only 1 deposit.

When are the Recital Studio Photos taken?

Photographs of the students in their costumes will be taken here at the studio on SAT. & SUN APRIL 16th & 17th.
Richard and Sharon Shetler of Shetler Photography will be here to take both group pictures of each class and individual or family portraits.
This is an optional service and there is no obligation to buy any, but of course, we would like you to be
here for the group pictures that we display!
A letter explaining photo schedules, details, and photo package options will be given to dancers before our photo weekend.

When and where can I get Recital Tickets?

We will be selling tickets for the recital during the Photo Days. They will then be available at the studio the weeks leading up to the recital. A
portion of the ticket sales go to college scholarships for Lakes Region students majoring in Dance or Theatre. For ticket prices please call the
studio at 603-528-7651. Checks for Recital Tickets should be made out to Frates Creative Arts Center.

I would like to help out backstage at the recital; how can I do that?

We will have sign-up sheets for BACKSTAGE MOTHERS to help out in the dressing rooms at Photo day. We will also have the sign up sheets
at classes the weeks right before the recital. As always, your help is always appreciated!

How do I know what my dancer needs for recital?

Each year our dancers are given a letter to take home that will hopefully answer all of your questions about the recital.
The who, what, where, when, and how are all answered about recital, costumes, etiquette, and policies.

My child would love to have a Dance Birthday Partydoes the studio offer that?

Yes! Please speak to Amelia or Sarah for more information about ideas and the cost of having a Dance Birthday Party at the studio.


For more information on Dance at FCAC please contact Joan at


If you are a current student’s parent,
you will receive letters throughout the year updating you on what is coming up!