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Laconia NH Dance Classes in Lakes REgion New HampshireOur Mission is to provide proper dance training to students of all ages and levels in a non-competitive atmosphere. We want to have fun while we learn, as well as help our students to develop confidence, responsibility, grace, and self-discipline in dance and in life.

Our studio is a place for learning, fun, and feeling good about your selves! This also means we expect everyone to be polite and friendly to each other and working as a team with the members of your class! Together, we do our best in a positive atmosphere and that shows in our learning and performances! Equally important, your attendance is helpful to all of us!


Dance CLasses Lakes REgion New Hampshire-Belmont Laconia GIlford Alton MoultonboroughDance has provided nourishment to the human spirit, since the beginning of time, and continues to fulfill this human need in the 21st century. The dancer, as a member of the Arts family, is a much needed piece to the puzzle we know as Life.

As dancers, we have experienced the creative process of movement at many levels and have focused on fine tuning our ability to communicate ideas and feelings to our audiences. As dance educators, we have developed an ability to motivate our students through a clear understanding of fine tuning their bodies, as movement instruments, and their minds through an understanding of dance history.

Dance helps to develop a strong, flexible, well-coordinated body, mental alertness, musical awareness and can encourage self-confidence. Whether or not dance is a career choice, there are benefits and pleasures that can be found within good dance training.

Creating and inspiring others to participate in dance at a variety of skill levels helps the instructor to motivate the individual student to become a well rounded thinker, problem solver, collaborator, and contributing member of society.